Old Blood.

“I am the blood of the dragon. Do not presume to teach me lessons.” 
― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

Hello everyone.

I’d like to begin by saying, this post has been a long time coming. And I’ll tell you why.

Lack of inspiration and shitty computer excuses aside, I have no excuse other than I have been biding my time. For what? you may ask. And you’d be right to do so, because today I wanna showcase to you a friend of mine turned up and coming Fantasy Designer.

Disclaimer. This is gonna be a long post.


Enchantment! Delightful, charming, enrapturing. A spell to place one under the influence of something. A perfect name for the new Fantasy Fashion Store by DumpyDrawers?

From first hearing of this newbie designer’s will to create a store, I, like many of her friends was greatly enthusiastic when saying “YAS GO FOR IT.”

Perhaps at the time, it was just an idea to fiddle around with in our heads. To shoot the shit with her when she needed any feedback or suggestion.

But then. We saw what she was capable of.

Having heard her ideas, seen some of her works, and watched what she said on paper become a digital fashion dream, I have been salivating and itching to get my greedy little mesh hands on some of Dumpy’s Enchantment! Products.

Now, you may see this as a biased response. And hell, you could very well be right. She’s my friend and even if her items were shitty I would still support her. But here’s where you’re, seriously, seriously wrong.

It’s not just that Dumpy is a friend, and that friends support each other’s adventures and endeavors.

It’s because I have seen how far she’s come. And in seeing the amount of effort and time put into the small details it’s obvious to me, and perhaps any other who supported her, the first collection of Enchantment! is guaranteed to be a hit. A fresh face plus an amazingly innovative and creative mind,  paired with the fiery desire to create some stunning new designs in SL Fashion is surely a recipe for success.

I’ve seen some of the previews for future outfits, and I just can’t wait, and I know that once you get a little taste of Dumpy’s Enchantment!, it’s a drug you won’t mind being addicted to. The first outfit is inspired by the Game of Thrones family: House Targaryen.  This outfit being a little glimpse into her world, you can see why I am eager to see the next designs she comes up with.

After watching her debut into the world of Second Life Fashion Design, I’m hoping that you, just like me will be waiting on the edge of your seat as Dumpy Drawers of Enchantment! evolves. ( Like a great and mystical Fashion Pokemon. 😛 )


As I said above, Daela, influenced heavily by both the Targaryen Family from George R.R. Martin`s A Song of Ice and Fire series, and Dumpy`s own creative innovation is a show sign of what is to come as this creator gets better and better, and her ideas become greater and greater.

Daela possess a hard, almost warrior like elegance that ends up incorporated into a girly gown – but Daela doesn’t easily let you forget just how she can bring the proverbial (and not so proverbial) Fire and Blood.

Daela 3

The corset and gown have a simple, yet excellently textured satin feel to it, silky and smooth, but somehow resembling the hard metal plates of steel. Paired with that hard and sexy fire coming from the scaled draconian bust, and the beautiful Dragon Wing Shrug. Daela’s a Dragon, and she shows it off in every possible way.


Paired with Items both New and Old, Daela really does complete this outfit, giving it that extra push of primal beauty that only a Dragon can possess.

Daela 1

Skin: The Shops. ~ Pussy (07)

Eyes: IKON ~ Ardent Eyes (Rose)

Hair 01: /Wasabi Pills/ – Sanna

Braids: Tram – D318 Hair (Modded)

Crown: PFC – Dragonslayer Tiara (Former Secret Affair Item)

Crown 02: .Luminary. – Freya Crown (Gold) (Fit for a Princess)

Necklace:  Maitreya ~ Vintage Collar and Pearls (Former Collabor88 Item)

Sleeves: [ Stitched ] – Alerie Sleeves (Secret Affair)

Dress and Shrug: Enchantment! – Daela (Red)


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